Investors earn up to 16% per year by financing small and medium sized businesses.
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Our Story

Funding Souq is the digital financing platform for SME’s in the Middle East. We provide business loans by connecting established SMEs with retail and institutional debt investors worldwide.

Led by a powerful purpose to enable regional SMEs to grow and prosper, our goal is to become the #1 SME enabler in the region. Funding Souq was established in September 2020 in Dubai and has quickly expanded to Saudi Arabia in early 2021.
Our Mission & Vision
On a mission is to fuel SME growth, create jobs and drive the economy forward.
Our vision is to provide SMEs with reliable funding solutions by leveraging the power of technology and financial markets.
Our Shariah Supervisory Board
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Shariah Compliance
At Funding Souq, our core values revolve around offering investment and borrowing opportunities that align with Shariah principles. These opportunities are arranged through a Murabaha structure, which is widely recognized as the industry standard for Islamic business finance. We have obtained our Shariah compliance certificate from Dar Al Sharia, a subsidiary of Dubai Islamic Bank. To ensure our commitment to these principles, our in-house Sharia Supervisory Board diligently evaluates each investment opportunity, conducting regular reviews of our processes. For more details, you can access our certificate by clicking here.
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