Investors earn up to 16% per year by financing small and medium sized businesses.
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The chart above and the table below show how facilities originated by Funding Souq perform in a given year.
YearNet Yield
Origination figures
The table below provides additional information including defaults and Non-Performing Loans. Our expected default rate of c.2% is derived from a weighted average approach that gives a higher weight to our recent loans. This approach recognizes the statistical significance of recent data in accurately reflecting current market dynamics and borrower behavior.
20232022 Since inception
  Total Non-Performing Loans 12 4 16
Defaulted loans (No.) 33 4 37
Defaulted loans (%) 33% 2% 35.0%
Defaulted Loans (AED) 33 1 34.00

Date as of 30th of June 2023, the data will be updated at least on a quarterly basis.